Stay Youthful ~ Be Grateful ~ Always Love



Who is Stealing Oceans?

It’s rapper and lyricist Brian Thompson’s love for words and melodies that steered him away from the grip of a five-year struggle with drugs and alcohol. Now sharing his positivity under the moniker, Stealing Oceans, he has created a unique sound to help spread positivity and remain an encouraging influence. 

Thompson hopes to encourage fans to be appreciative each day by fusing positivity and optimism into his sound and lyrics. He takes time out of his touring schedule to share his story with others, hosting charity events and actively raising awareness for suicide prevention and mental health. Thompson aims to use his platform to make a difference in people’s lives. He strives to inspire others with his motto: “Stay Youthful, Be Grateful, and Always Love.”

Stealing Oceans live band - Mutual Groove

The group’s energetic live show - which includes stage diving, crowd surfing and backflips - has not gone unnoticed either, with Thompson and his band being nominated for “Best Live Act” three years in a row at the Nashville Industry Music Awards.



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