KaaBoo Del Mar 2018 review of Stealing Oceans!

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Stealing Oceans was undisputedly the best set of KAABOO 4.

The Wailers brought Bob Marley to life over at the Trestles Stage, followed by Big Boi and Stone Temple Pilots. Reggae, rap, rock, repeat. Well, repeat in opposite order with Billy Idol, N.E.R.D. and Cake. Billy Idol, despite his age, is still living the life of a sex symbol and Pharrell Williams is one classy gent. The one thing that brought the day down a bit was Cake… don't get me wrong, I love Cake more than a fat kid, but it didn’t seem like they wanted to be there. Oh well, off to Tourmaline for the band that, hands down, stole the show. Stealing Oceans was undisputedly the best set of KAABOO 4. With rap, rock, EDM, reggae and everything in between blended into their music, Stealing Oceans was having so much fun onstage, that you couldn’t look away. It was the most epic dance party. Frontman Brian Thompson kept announcing, “I'm Stealing Oceans and these are some of my BEST. FRIENDS." The camaraderie was visible to all. These boys are true brothers. After they concluded with their mega hit “Follow The Light”, the crowd split to another dance party at disco-funk legends Earth, Wind & Fire and current chart-toppers Imagine Dragons. Do you remember the 15th night of September? I sure do, as my friend and I danced to “September”, chatted up Billy Idol band members and followed the light to Pacific Beach where I ran into my brother dressed as a wizard and all three Hendrick’s Gin hot air balloon homies I made friends with the day before at the same Garnet bar. KAABOO 4 weekend exemplifies the definition of ‘synergy’, let me tell you.

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Stealing Oceans