These are the people that have helped along my journey


Ryan Swinehart (RySwy)

Stealing Oceans found its missing piece in the form of incomparable saxophone melodies and riffs after meeting Ryan Swinehart. He joined Stealing Oceans after a mutual friend introduced him to Thompson. When Swinehart stepped in to play a show with Stealing Oceans, he instantly fell in love with the people involved and the music they created together. He became more connected to the project after it was rebranded and considers the entire group family.

Swinehart is from Chesapeake, VA, and has been captivating audiences with his saxophone since he began playing in 2000. He grew up playing with the worship team at his home church before moving to Nashville, TN, to pursue audio engineering and music business at Belmont University. Since graduating in 2012, he is actively producing, creating music and touring across the country, working with artists like The Backstreet Boys, Jake Clemons (Bruce Springsteen), Dave Audè, The Last Bison and other notable mainstream acts.

Swinehart is a vital element of Stealing Oceans and together, he and the band have created a distinctive sound, allowing them to connect with their fans while reminding them to Stay Youthful, Be Grateful and Always Love.


Sam Woods



Kipp Wilde


Mutual Groove

MG Rooftop.jpg

Mutual Groove is a drummer and bassist duo comprised of DMart (David Martin, drums) and PGravy (Pat Graves, bass). Their intent is to be a multi-faceted rhythm section by not only creating and recording their own music, but also being the rhythm section for anyone who needs an experienced drummer and bassist, whether on recording, or live on stage. With The Funk Brothers of Motown as their main inspiration, Mutual Groove aim to be the rhythm section you think of when drums and bass come to mind.

David and Pat started playing music together eight years ago as the rhythm section for the three-piece rock band, Wings of Apollo. From the beginning, they had a natural way of connecting through the art of playing music, and have since provided drums and bass for over seventy five musicians. Around Nashville, Martin and Graves are known for their high energy performances and ability to lock in as a single unit.

Mutual Groove believes that the power of music brings people together in a way that nothing else can. It grants the ability to create communities almost instantly, whether it be between the players themselves, or the people that are listening to them. They warmly embrace the gift of being able to create music, and only wish to share the experience with as many of you as possible.